Our Story

We launched DMNP in 2009, the recession was at its peak and Agency layoffs were in an all-time incline.

Our founder, Nazanine, was researching all the top Marketing agencies in San Diego to see if there was a good fit. After connecting with over 15 agency owners and Executives, she soon learned that the issues she saw first-hand within the Sales, Production and Support departments were not being addressed by these companies. Having managed teams of 2-50 employees and working with the management teams, she felt the need to begin working as a consultant and starting her own Digital Marketing company. After managing a handful of accounts, she built a team of developers, designers, content marketing and social media experts, and created partnerships with traditional advertising agencies to scale her business.

Over the past 10 years, Nazanine and her team developed a full-service digital agency supporting clients with Digital Marketing services which include; Website Design and Development, Branding, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Traditional Advertising and Business Systemization services.

Our advantage is our people and our integrated approach.

We’re problem solvers, creators, and implementers and are all about leading by example and merging our talents where our team shares their experience and expertise.

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Our Approach

We are a strategic, tactical marketing agency, driven by data and focused on results.

Simply put, we can show you how to spend your time – and your marketing budget – more wisely.

We have significant experience building digital, social and overall marketing strategies. We shape the vision and the plan set forth to get there. We love human-centered practices so that our strategies make sense to your target audience. We’re believers in agile execution and adapting based on the data. We are builders, makers, synthesizers and innovators… and our track record proves it.

Meet the Team

DMNP is focused solely on helping your organization not only reach the goals you’ve set for marketing your products and services but to exceed them by getting the most out of your marketing budget.

We are a team of experts in all facets of Marketing, Advertising, Website Design, and Website Development as well as an Economist to strategize on market predictions to help your organization succeed.

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Nazanine Pineda

Founder & CEO

Nazanine is a strategist, a problem solver, and has spent most of her career finding a better, more productive way to do get things done. She has a technical, diverse background and has worked in upper management for Franchisors, an Information Technology startup in San Diego and Mexico,  several Advertising agencies, and 2 Fortune 500 companies such as First American Corporation and Network Solutions. She graduated with a Psychology and French Degree and has 20 years experience working in the marketing and business development space.

Her passion to help find a cure for small business failure via technology and automation.

Her parents were both Entrepreneurs, and their love for small business encouraged her and her 2 sisters to each start their own business.

Fun fact: She loves coming up with new inventions and speak 4 languages.

andres pineda

Andres P. Kulmar

Chief Economist

In a data-chic world, a chief economist is the new marketing must-have, and that's why Andres plays such a large role in the strategy process of all client projects.

Andres' primary responsibility consists of conducting research and analysis on various trends as they affect the client industries. Forecasting the market’s need and viability of project across all International and National marketing segments.

Andres has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a second Bachelor degree in Economics, both from San Diego State University (he likes school).

In his spare time, Andres continuously strives to improve his knowledge with just about everything he encounters. He has a natural gift of helping others in their health related issues using a natural health approach. An encyclopedia of Functional medicine (he jokes about getting his third degree in medicine).

Fun Facts: He created a social network website in the early 90's where he would post updates from his tight group of friends during their adventures in college--pre-Facebook! He has excellent cartooning and writing skills and has a black belt in Martial Arts.


Suzanne Svahn

Chief Social Officer 

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, Suzanne is a Social Media expert, where she brings her background in Business Administration and Marketing skills into DMNP’s integrated marketing strategies.

She is the woman-behind-the-curtain for DMNP's social and media outlet presences, guiding many of our brand and content promotion efforts.

Suzanne is an active member of Toastmasters International and Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) and has began really loving public speaking.

Suzanne loves challenges, especially when it comes to change. She's an active, outgoing, and positive individual who is looking for the perfect balance and harmony in life. Her passion consists of reading and interacting with people and learning their stories.

Fun Fact: She is an avid runner and qualified for the Boston Marathon!

Next Steps...

We help many companies, large and small, meet and exceed their goals by sticking to our values. And we have a great time doing it.

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